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Weird Al Yankovic sings “The Elements”

My wife and I got to see “Weird Al” Yankovic in concert in Monterey last Thursday night. He covered Tom Lehrer’s “The Elements”. This is interesting because…. Al doesn’t often do covers, but often does parodies. Tom’s song was itself a parody. The source material (from “The Pirates of Penzance”) was, some say, partly a […]

Princess Ida Sitzprobe recordings

Yes, it’s done! Relive the excitement and adventure of cramming a full cast and orchestra into a band room! Usual caveats about “this was not a studio recording”, etc.

Utopia Limited Recordings

Fresh from the digital mixing toy, here are the recordings for Lyric Theatre’s Utopia Limited Sitzprobe. (From Dropbox, dismiss the sign-up ad, go to Download and select as .zip.) The recording was made 26 September 2014 at Cupertino Middle School’s music room with a (pretty full) orchestra and cast. Individual tracks are listed below.

Mikado Recordings

Somewhat faster than usual (thanks to less splicing and editing being required), the Mikado sitzprobe recordings are now available. From Dropbox, select download as .zip The recording was made 14 June 2014 in the Miller Middle School music room with the orchestra and a reduced cast. Individual tracks are listed below.

The Grand Duke sitzprobe recording

For those of you seeking to relive the awe, wonderment and confined space of performing in Gilbert & Sullivan’s ‘The Grand Duke’ sitzprobe, I present: The Grand Duke Lyric Theatre sitzprobe recordings! (In Dropbox, select Download as .zip, or see below for individual songs.)

H.M.S. Pinafore sitzprobe recording

I never procrastinate when mixing down audio recordings. What never? Well, hardly ever. Okay, I guess I’m running 33% late. Anyway, I finally got around to finishing up the HMS Pinafore sitzprobe recording with Lyric Theatre. Being in rehearsal for The Pirates of Penzance might might have provoked me to get around to it. Links […]

Sorcerer recording

I recorded The Sorcerer sitzprobe for Lyric. This is so that we could have a recording for next time we do a Sorcerer promo where we own any rights. Since “pro”-audio is great fun, I had picked up a few new microphones to play with. A pair of M-Audio Pulsar II mics (used in X-Y […]

Carousel recording

I accidentally volunteered to make a 30 second audio promo for Lyric Theatre‘s production of ‘Carousel’. Oops. So I dragged out my E-Mu Darwin 8-channel digital recorder (and a spare external 4GB SCSI drive) along with anything that looked like a microphone cable, connector, or something vaguely audio related and threw them in the car. When […]