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Ski Elvis hits the big screen!

It seems that Google Video is now carrying the Ski Elvis short movies. Will dubious fair use of copyright shenanigans never cease? Ski Elvis 2006, “The King Kong”, is halfway done now.

Drifting down the river…

We went rafting down the (redacted) River last weekend. It was mostly calm with occasional patches of this… (Our guide Orion was having fun at least.) Also, I found a tiny nugget (about 1g) of gold—worth about $25. B-) So of course I’m not tellin’ ya which river! Update: It was only 0.21g (about $5). […]


We spent an exhausting afternoon looking at new beds today. We learned the following. All beds are more comfortable than our current one. A decent mattress costs $1000 to $14000. All mattresses are pretty much the same.

Up, up and away!

Some of you know that my wife bought me the best Christmas present any guy could ever get. A pair of first-class aircraft seats! First they sat at my parents-in-law’s house for a few weeks while we found time to borrow their truck and go and get them. Then they sat in our garage for […]