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Adopted a pet

For no particular reason, I adopted a virtual pet today. Please feed.


I am now caught up on ironing. From December! Next thing you know I’ll be washing the windows. From 2003!

Getting back into the swing of things…

Things are slowly returning to “normal”. My ironing pile is decreasing, the laundry is mostly up to date, I finally took my suit to the cleaners, the painters are almost done (as they have been for a while). And I’ve started building the media room screen. This is not to be confused with the bookshelves, […]

Actually an Xbox!

Yay! My wonderful wife found me an Xbox 360 so I’ve been playing PGR3 most of the weekend. (Or Project Gotham Loading as it should be called; seeing as I spend more time waiting for things to load than actually racing.) It’s really nice. Two minor issues: I couldn’t recover my old Xbox Live gamertag, […]