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I’m transferring my DATs!

At long last, I’ve got round to porting Marcus Meissner’s DATlib from a Sun/Unix-y to a Win32/Generic platform. I also wrote a quick Dat2Wav.exe program to batch my music from DAT (digital audio tape) to WAV files. It’s available (for free) at my main site, but please report any problems (or successes) here.

Choral concerts done…

Sara and I finished up our concert set with the Santa Clara Chorale where we sang a bunch of ancient and modern Christmas-themed songs. We did two concerts in the Mission at Santa Clara University as well as a few shorter concerts. The final one was at St. Joseph’s Cathedral downtown. Also, Sara has finished […]

Melting coins now naughty…

It seems that the solar experiments we did in the summer were just in time according to a CNN report today. Apparently the U.S. Mint has noticed that the penny is now a bullion coin and consequently have written some new regulations to disallow “recycling” of pennies and nickels. (When we did the experiment, I […]