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Raytrace this!

We’re finally getting round to clearing some of the garage stuff. Good news! Found chocolate. We also had quite a lot of baubles.

Almost an Xbox…

So I was in CompUSA yesterday (I needed some 2c stamps—yes really). They had an Xbox 360 demo set up, with Xbox boxes all around the place showing prices, and a large stall with Xbox peripherals and games. The big TVs in the back of the stores were showing Xbox commercials. Could I buy an […]


I now have a green card, and am a permanent resident in the U.S.. (The ER-1 application went much faster than expected; although the expectation was for it to be excruciatingly slow.) Sara and I celebrated by eating expensive food last night. We also got wedding photos back today….

Interesting thingie of the day

You can now track my cell phone. Oh yeah!

Hold the front pages!

Okay, maybe the back pages. I got mentioned twice in two newspapers today. First, the Mercury News quoted me not spending any money on the Xbox 360 (why can’t I get one?). And the North Lake Tahoe Bonanza had a photo of me in the Ski Elvis section. B-)

Ski time…

Well, there’ll no entries for the next few days either because it’s Ski Elvis time again! Sara fixed up my belt last night, and I’ve got some screenplay ideas (even if Tom doesn’t). Woo, can ya feel the snow yet?

The honeymoon is over…

…and we’re doing great. We finally got flights back to San Jose (a day late), and our luggage even arrived with us this time. More later, because we are furiously tidying up after my parents.