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We appear to have been adopted by three hummingbirds now: a greenback, an orange-chest and redneck (as in, it has a red neck).  Our sparrow was not amused.  

Moose camouflage

We saw some moose in Alaska. They’re big, indecisive, and disinterested in bipedal tourists.


I don’t know if our spider liked the rain today, but the drops looked pretty.

Shooting the Buck Moon

The moon moves really fast when it’s behind trees.

Hotel wildlife

We just got back from vacation in Florida, where we stayed at a lakeside apartment. On the last day, we got to see some cool wildlife. (From our downstairs, screened in porch. The lake had a substantial fence, with bars that might mildly inconveniance a large alligator.) Our hotel wildlife.

Weird Al Yankovic sings “The Elements”

My wife and I got to see “Weird Al” Yankovic in concert in Monterey last Thursday night. He covered Tom Lehrer’s “The Elements”. This is interesting because…. Al doesn’t often do covers, but often does parodies. Tom’s song was itself a parody. The source material (from “The Pirates of Penzance”) was, some say, partly a […]

Cygwin bash in the context menu

Getting the Cygwin bash (mintty) in the Windows context menu is a little esoteric. Mostly this is because you have to set the directory at Windows time, rather than Cygwin time. (Otherwise you would have to convert the directory pathname with drives and colons into Posix-ish format of /cygdrive/D/….) Here’s the way that works for […]

The Wonderful World of Fibre Channel on eBay

I just bought a fibre channel HBA for $15 on a whim. This is (was) expensive equipment, and I joke that I have spent a significant portion of my career trying to kill the technology (see, e.g., iSCSI). Now that it’s cheap, I figured the least I could do was play with some equipment at […]

VFR 8:00pm

I was keeping an old (warped) disc brake and chain sprocket from my ’99 VFR800 around because they looked kind of cool. I knew what to do when I found an $8 clock at the flea market…. Then I went OTT and added some $6 under-vehicle lights from Meritline and hooked them up to the […]

Giant Ethernet VU meter

I made one. Why not?