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Cygwin bash in the context menu

Getting the Cygwin bash (mintty) in the Windows context menu is a little esoteric. Mostly this is because you have to set the directory at Windows time, rather than Cygwin time. (Otherwise you would have to convert the directory pathname with drives and colons into Posix-ish format of /cygdrive/D/….) Here’s the way that works for […]

The Wonderful World of Fibre Channel on eBay

I just bought a fibre channel HBA for $15 on a whim. This is (was) expensive equipment, and I joke that I have spent a significant portion of my career trying to kill the technology (see, e.g., iSCSI). Now that it’s cheap, I figured the least I could do was play with some equipment at […]

Xorg Nvidia and Ubuntu Trusty

I have a rather picky home-theater-PC screen. After upgrading Ubuntu on the HTPC from Precise to Trusty, I just couldn’t get the display to sync. After switching out HDMI cables (which did change things, but not for the better) I figured out that xrandr –output HDMI-0 –mode 1348×752 would bring the display back. (It’s a […]

iTunes suckage with error 3259 was Windows’ fault

I was getting weird “unknown error occurred (-3259)” from iTunes for the Freakonomics podcast. There are many web solutions to this. Unfortunately, mine was not among them. It turns out that my Windows 7 Pro 64 had set the MTU size to 1504 bytes. Why, I do not know. Solution was to run a command […]