Almost an Xbox…

So I was in CompUSA yesterday (I needed some 2c stamps—yes really). They had an Xbox 360 demo set up, with Xbox boxes all around the place showing prices, and a large stall with Xbox peripherals and games. The big TVs in the back of the stores were showing Xbox commercials. Could I buy an Xbox? No.

The helpful guy at the checkout suggested that if I was returning an Xbox, then I might possibly be able to talk them into selling me a Core System. Ugh.

I was too annoyed that they’d mislabelled/mispriced something else I was buying to follow up on it. My desire for the Xbox is rapidly turning into distaste. When’s the PS3 coming out again? Well, at least until Halo 3 appears.

On a different subject, I think I might be in trouble on the home maintenance front. I should probably fix the stove ignition at some point, but Sara’s new computer desk arrived today, and I know I’ll enjoy assembling that in the yellow office.

Yellow office, you ask? Well, our upstairs rooms can now be referred to as the yellow office, blue bedroom, purple bedroom and bright blue media room. Yes, we’ve got paint! The bright yellow is really neat.

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