Getting back into the swing of things…

Things are slowly returning to “normal”. My ironing pile is decreasing, the laundry is mostly up to date, I finally took my suit to the cleaners, the painters are almost done (as they have been for a while). And I’ve started building the media room screen. This is not to be confused with the bookshelves, of course. The new screen will be canvas, and I’ll do some experiments with retroreflective beads. I suspect that they will be too directional, but I won’t know until they’re mounted in paint.

Sara and I went to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art on Saturday. They had a sunflower that looked like a shower, a neat 20ft stainless steel ‘fuzzball’, and a little orrey-like thing with a handle and a guard nearby who kept having to rush up and tell people not to turn the handle. Oddly enough, they also had a plain, white canvas painting. And two copies of it. So maybe my screen will count as modern art. (Or get busted for copyright of modern art.)

We tried to go swing dancing in the evening but the venue disappeared. Other people there were confused too.

Since I installed satellite radio in Sara’s car last weekend, I spent most of the trip into The City playing with it. It’s quite impressive in engineering terms. But it’s also annoying in that it won’t tell you the artist and track name automatically. But they have a showtunes channel, and played a cool song from Avenue Q, so we were happy.

Extra: Psst! There are some draft wedding photos online now. But since they’re subject to further editing, don’t tell anyone yet.

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