Sorcerer recording

I recorded The Sorcerer sitzprobe for Lyric. This is so that we could have a recording for next time we do a Sorcerer promo where we own any rights.

Since “pro”-audio is great fun, I had picked up a few new microphones to play with. A pair of M-Audio Pulsar II mics (used in X-Y for the orchestra), a pair of Karma K10 mics (used in X-Y for the chorus), and a Behringer C1 side-address mic for various leads. These all fed in to an SM-Pro pre-amp (modded with improved op amps and new input capacitors) and the E-Mu Darwin recorder.

Overall, I was happy with the sound recorded (and pleasantly satisfied with the $40 C1). However, the performance was patchy. The K10s displayed in interesting feature: they emit perfect 1/f noise (normal) all the way down to 3Hz (curious). Also, one of the K10s was significantly noisier than the other. The 3Hz was a brief problem in mixing, because I kept hearing a high ringing tone in the 5 to 10kHz range. But after trying first to filter it out (unsuccessful) and then find it in spectral analysis in a quiet section (also unsuccessful) I figured it out. The DACs in my HDMI monitor can’t cope with low frequency! Putting in a 2nd order high pass filter at 20Hz did the trick. Weird.

Update: See the whole post for download options.

Link to Dropbox folder:

If you’re not running a Dropbox client (like me) then the following direct download links will probably be more useful.

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