Fun with Asterisk

I’ve been playing around with Asterisk, the free PBX. And I’ve found that IP phones go for close to 10cents on the dollar on eBay/Craigslist. Hence, I picked up some Polycom IP500s and the Nortel 1535 video phone.

VoIP phones

I wanted the Nortel because of the inexpensive video phone part. There’s also a Video Supervision mode, where you can monitor the camera on another phone without anyone picking up. It’s not documented well (I couldn’t find any!), but on the camera side: set the “Video supervision” “Number” to the extension that will be calling it, and “Userid” to the extension and proxy. E.g., on my system I needed to enter “206” and “206@” respectively into the camera phone. That allows extension 206 to dial it, and the camera phone will pick up after 3 rings automatically.

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