What just happened…?

Some of you may be wondering what’s been happening, since it’s been a while since the site has been updated. Never fear!

  • I’ve installed a new toilet downstairs. This would have been a snap, except the previous owner forgot to install floor underneath the old one, so I had to run to the store and pick up some cement. The new toilet doesn’t flush as well as the old one—I though they’d fixed all the low-flow problems these days.
  • Tax time.
  • Fairy wings. This might be a good one to explain. So I won’t until they’re finished.
  • Rain. It’s been pretty miserable here the last few weeks. The sun did come out a few times today.
  • Pilgrim the cat has been needing a lot of attention. Since he went on the blood-pressure medication he’s been a bit more active. But this, surprisingly, is something of a problem, because now he can jump over the barrier to leak after he’s had fluids pumped into him. I now have experience with three products that don’t prevent him from leaving wet spots in the kitchen. Grrr.
  • Lights! Lots of pretty lights have now been installed in the media room. Ask me for a picture.

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