Today was errands day. Seeing as I’m coming down with something and I’ve only got two unmarried days left, I took a sick day and ran errands.

Hair. My hair keeps growing, and I haven’t worked out how to stop it. Hence I got the nuptial haircut.

Drinks. We needed some non-alcoholic drink for our guests. A certain large drink vendor didn’t have what we needed, but the lady in the Tux store knew where I could get some Martinelli’s.

Tuxes. I got them. They are heavy.

Dance. Sara and I had an unexpected chance to practice when Kim and Michael and Mike did a rehearsal at the Lyric warehouse. Yay!

Chocolate vessels. The line in Cost Plus was really quite impressive, but we got what we needed.

OSH. Needing 1/4″ galvanized pipe to make sure our arch stays up, I went to OSH.

Jack in the Box. Where would we be without fast food?

Chocolate. I helped Sara by tidying up her chocolate experiments a bit. B-)

Messing around. Somehow Sara ended up getting the most domain name.

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