Power, bikes, toys and dancing…

As I was leaving for the motorcycle show this morning there seemed to be a fairly good power outage again. I wonder what the deal was this time.

The show wasn’t that interesting (I didn’t find a good helmet with a good vendor simultaneously), and Michael and I had more fun in the Tech Musem gift shop and cafe (very good). I picked up a few last minute items that I couldn’t resist.

Strawberry Shortcake doll

Then, with Sara, it was off to our wedding-dance lesson/brush up; which was quite a lot of fun. Afterwards we did more wedding stuff—mostly pictures.

Hopefully one of the guys will post pictures of my bachelor party from yesterday. Rick was thoughtful enough to bring me a woman for the evening. See picture to right.

Update: Rick provided some pictures: see the comments.

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  1. 1 dfsmith Jan 9th, 2006 at 17:36

    Rick kindly sent some pictures!

    Lunch with Mike, Kurt, Me, Dave and photographer Rick
    Strawberry Shortcake having dinner
    Rick and Professor Somebody
    Daniel and Strawberry
    Daniel and Strawberry at the arcade
    Strawberry Shortcake having a beer

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