Beginning texturing…

Several years ago, when I built the media room, I made a screen by removing the texture from the wall and skim coating a flat surface on it. It worked pretty well, but I’m moving the room upstairs which means I have to re-texture the wall. This should be straightforward: it’s about 40 square feet with a knife-over pattern. But in the hardware store, with the pump-action texturizers, there is no indication of how much area the texture will cover. This is annoying, because the refills are excessively overpriced in comparison to regular drywall mud (I guess because they’re heavy and expire and, well, just because).

Here’s the quiz for today: a big refill holds 2.2kg of premixed and yields 150–200 sq.ft of texture. A small refill holds 220g of premixed. The kit holds 260g of unmixed, which (on the back) should mix up to make 1.5 hoppers worth. A small refill looks like the same size as a hopper. So what should I buy to cover 40 sq.ft if a big costs $12, a small costs $5 and the kit costs $15 but I need the tool anyway?

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