Springtime flowers…

Since Iolanthe closed (to great reviews, though mostly by the cast) Sara’s been busy in the garden planting flowers. So I planted a lamp post in the front yard and installed irrigation. To retalliate, she erected a gazebo in the back yard and removed the hedge. Now I have to figure out how to get more irrigation to the new flowers. It looks very pretty with the new patio furniture, which Pilgrim likes too.

Pilgrim's take on the new patio furniture (just after cast party)

We’re busy getting ready for the end of season concert with the chorale, which will be Carmina Burana (the one that always turns up in movies when something big is happening). A lot of people have sung it before so it’s already sounding pretty good. Our choir will be about 150-strong on May 11th.

I’ll post a picture of fairy wings in action, when I can find one. In the meantime, here’s 18 of them.

How would you like a pop-up fairy member?

Also, the transformer for the lamp post (24VAC) makes a high pitch whining noise at about 1kHz, and prevents the garage door from opening. To counter this I put a ferrite core around one of the wires, but with 3.5 turns it got too hot to touch! Back to 1.5 turns and it’s a little cooler, but the system is still radiating a lot of RF. I’m thinking I’ll have to find some braid and shield the cable to where it goes underground. And put the transformer in a soundproof metal box. Bwa-ha-ha!

The new lamp post guarding the new flowers

Still thinking about the yard, our cherry tree, after putting on a spectacular show, has decided that trunks are optional and so it will fall down soon. I’m hoping that the city permit I applied for a month ago will get here before someone sneezes nearby.

Bye-bye cherry tree.

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