Italy retro-diary: day 3

Saturday, and you’d think Rome would be a bit calmer. Nope. Anyway, we decided to jump on the bus again (and grab a 2-day pass) and head over to the open market. Sara went ga-ga over the fruits, vegetables, flowers and spices.

Sara dreamily imagining what she could do if we could get this stuff at home.

After that (and a small footwear-related expenditure) we wondered the back streets for a while. I helpful native saw us taking pictures and lamented the state of graffiti. I couldn’t actually tell whether she was sad that there was so much, or sad that there wasn’t any on the adjacent street (where a notable politician lived, with continuous police guard).

The narrow back streets of RomeGhostly pizza in the back streets of Rome

We forgot to do something on Friday at the Vatican—get Bob some stamps! It was very busy, but that’s no excuse not to put pen to paper in the post office.

The Pope's Post Office Postcard writing table.

Back around the bus loop to the Termini station, searched for lunch (only McDonald’s Very Fine Restaurant held any appeal), ate lunch (McDonald’s appeal rapidly vaporized) and back on the bus to the Colloseum. I took a lot of pictures, but basically it’s just like in the movies. Except without the lions, or any wood. Interesting, but you’ve seen it before. We ran to the exit. Or would have, had we been chased by lions.

Us enjoying the thought of good wholesome public entertainment at the Colloseum.Must obey sign.

Pushing through pushy vendors dressed as centurians (but, notably, not as slaves) we caught a Taxi back to the hotel. My luggage still hadn’t arrived (and despite our best washing efforts, my shirt wasn’t getting any more pleasant). I called the airline again, and they were overjoyed to tell me that they’d found my luggage and had put it in storage. They’d get it to me in two days. Great. I went to the airport and got it before they lost it again. On the positive side, there was a cellphone store at the Termini. A really good one. I took some photos of it with my cellphone camera, but they didn’t turn out.

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