Italy retro-diary

We’re back from Italy! As a memory aid, I’ll see if I can remember what happened.

Day 1 and a bit: we got to the SFO ticketing desk ten minutes after they’d stopped issuing tickets. Luckily someone came and got our baggage anyway. We made the flight. Barely.

In Amsterdam, my luggage decided that it didn’t like Sara’s luggage, so it went exploring.

Fifteen hours after SFO, in Rome, the baggage people at the Alitalia desk explained that the guys in Amsteram had caught my luggage, and would deliver it to our hotel when it was properly subdued. Sara’s passive luggage was hauled with us on the Leonardo Express into the Termini train station. From there, we walked it to our hotel. There was a Nokia cell phone store on the way (closed). We learned a few important lessons about Roman traffic in our 1/2 mile jaunt.

Anyway, after finding out how hotel electricity works, eating miserable pizza, and preparing my air-travel clothing for use the next day, we woke up to this view from our window. We were in Italy!

Rear window view from Hotel Brazile, Rome

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