New fan site…

I installed a new ceiling fan over the weekend, so I spent a lot of time at the top of a very tall ladder. It took a few hours to make and finish (paint) a little box to make the beam wider and hide the cable. It took a few hours to run the power cable along the beam through a conduit that was determined not to have a wire run through it. Then it took another few hours to run the cable down to a switchbox, and determine that the switchbox was too full, and mount another one in the garage to take up the excess.

I also discovered that the drywall in the garage is backed with plywood—presumably to make it harder to punch holes in, or easier to screw stuff to. I don’t know what I’d do without my rotozip-like cutting tool. I’ve also learned that removing and replacing large bits of drywall/plywood is easier than removing lots of small bits.

I have no garage light switch at the moment. That’ll come next weekend….

Our new ceiling fan

Oh, and hanging the fan didn’t take long at all. Figures.

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