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Don Norman on Siri

With Siri only $199 away, I feel that now is the time to share Don Norman’s thoughts on this distopia from his 1992 book Turn Signals Are the Facial Expressions of Automobiles: Let’s assume we’ve reached the time when the power of information technology has increased enormously, with the whole country—nay the whole world—wired so […]

Fun with Asterisk

I’ve been playing around with Asterisk, the free PBX. And I’ve found that IP phones go for close to 10cents on the dollar on eBay/Craigslist. Hence, I picked up some Polycom IP500s and the Nortel 1535 video phone. I wanted the Nortel because of the inexpensive video phone part. There’s also a Video Supervision mode, […]


Finally after 445 days, with the addition of two new bookcases… … we are unpacked!

White stuff falling from the sky…

Followers of this blog will have noticed that there hasn’t been much to follow. So this picture may amuse you… Almost, but not quite, snow on the ground. … while you contemplate asking me about Mlle. Modiste, moving to Mount Hermon, preparing to be a dad, various Christmas concerts, trying to sell a house, forming […]

Short break

After The Quaker Girl closed at the end of July, we took a long weekend in a secluded home in Midpines (near Mariposa) and Yosemite. There wasn’t any gold in the places we were allowed to look. I think it’s just to attract the tourists. We did, however, spend a lot of time in the […]

Kwik-E-Mart out of Buzz

The Mountain View Kwik-E-Mart is expecting a new shipment of Buzz Cola on Wednesday. Squishees still available. Krusty-O status unknown.

Italy retro-diary: day 8

We had to be up fairly early today, because after chocolate-milk-fortified breakfast I needed to retrieve the car so we could get to Panzano by noon. Given our tribulations thus far with driving, we weren’t sure how much time to allow. But as it happened, I was able to find the underground parking garage without […]

Pilgrim 1994(?)–2007

Pilgrim arrived at a neighbor’s house around Thanksgiving in 1999. They could not find his owner, so they named him Pilgrim and asked around the houses. Pilgrim came to live with me in December of 1999. He loved racing people up the stairs and had a disdain for cat toys other than string. When I […]

Springtime flowers…

Since Iolanthe closed (to great reviews, though mostly by the cast) Sara’s been busy in the garden planting flowers. So I planted a lamp post in the front yard and installed irrigation. To retalliate, she erected a gazebo in the back yard and removed the hedge. Now I have to figure out how to get […]

Italy retro-diary: day 7

There comes a time in everyone’s vacation when one must put down the camera and go shopping. My breakfast supplemented with chocolate milk had given me great strength for my first quest: power adaptors. While most hotels in Rome had had euro-style power outlets, we were now in real Italy, where they use Italian sockets; […]