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A very Debian Christmas

Sears was selling stuffed penguins with a big white space on their tummies. It had to go on my door at work with the note “A very Debian Christmas”. (I’m gradually migrating from Red Hat 9 to Debian—it doesn’t try too hard to hold your hand. B-) (By the way, the magazine page above the […]

Rope lights…

I’m living in the kitchen at the moment. (The carpets have been cleaned, Sara is about to move her furniture into the house, and the cat is quarantined in the kitchen. It makes sense. Really.) However these northern California nights can sometimes be a bit chilly, so I got some rope lights ($1/foot at Home […]


So, I had to put something on this curiously-named web site. It’s not really about fury (in fact I’m mostly calm and collected). It’s about wit, decorum and maintaining composure in the face of outrageous circumstances. Enjoy this little WordPress site. At the moment it’s really very small.