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The kids now have their own YouTube channels. Visit: AshtonTube BrennanTube I hope you like Lego….

Composting robot

Ashton mentioned that our composting cart looked like a ‘leaf-eating monster’, so I introduced the kids to rattle-can art. Ashton also learned the incorrect way to test whether paint is still wet (observe left hand). Then Brennan helped me inspect the deck by testing the lawn with a #2 square drive bit.


Today we went to the beach. Since there was quite a lot of driftwood, we built Seaweed Fort.

Mudman and Brak

Ashton: I am MudMan. You are Mr Clean. Me: I have the amazing power of napkins. Ashton: I am sad. I have no family. My assistant is Brak. Brennan: Here I am! … Me: Oh no, Mudman has slipped off the cushion bridge into the canyon. Brak, can you rescue him? Brennan: He’s dead.

Baby time

The blog has been a bit quiet, because Sara and I have two crazy kids. Ashton, at 20 months, loves himself. Brennan, now 3 months, when not sleeping, drinking, and many other less pleasant -ings, does this.